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How did you find Neowin?

added 9 June 2010  

886 members have voted

  1. 1. How did you find Neowin?

    • A Google (Search) Result
    • From a friend/acquaintance
    • At work
    • By a news story
    • From TV/Radio
    • Link exchange / Linked from another site

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I first topic had nothing to do with why I joined. I was turned on to Neowin by a former co-worker and read the news on the site for over a year. Eventually I felt to need to comment on one of the articles.

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I found it via I think, came here for a long time just to read the front page news and read a few forum posts every now and then, I eventually decided to join up in 2006 after around 2-3 years of lurking.

It is amazing though how much Neowin pops up for any technical problem, any time I'm searching for something on Google, the solution is very often found on one of the past posts here.

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stumbled across Neowin via Cha-Ninjas Visual Styles......been here ever since :D 5years and counting :)

Viva Neowin!

Ironically I rarely venture outside of Hardware Hangout

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Activewin used to be my first Windows news stop. Then I realised that nearly every article was simply a link to another site's news - Neowin. So I came here, and haven't been back since.

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About 3 years back when there was a link for it on :p I just started slowly getting more into it, first reading the news, then reading forums more, etc.

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searched something on google, got directed to Neowin;s forum.

i had a look around and saw all the forum content and nice news reviews.....and then i lived happily ever after :)

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iv been here for about 4 and a half years and i found it on, im glad i found it i know i dont talk loads on here but i visit daily and read a hell of a lot, you learn loads from here!!!

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A friend of mine told me about it. I beat him up for not telling me sooner.

It seemed like a cool place. So why not register.

(well i didnt actually physically, beat him up. )

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I joined on 29-May 04 because I wanted to find a tech forum which was active, but I didn't post until March05 with something to do with Google X. And 3-4 years later here I am. I haven't posted all of 2007 until now

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