How did you find Neowin?


added 9 June 2010  

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  1. 1. How did you find Neowin?

    • A Google (Search) Result
    • From a friend/acquaintance
    • At work
    • By a news story
    • From TV/Radio
    • Link exchange / Linked from another site

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It was because one of my friends futb0l spent quite a bit of time on these forums and so I joined up to seeing how good it was, I stuck around mainly for the news and to help people with problems and questions. I left for a bit when I felt the forums were going downhill and also about the same time Digg was becoming big. Now I'm back though because after trying to find a alternative tech forum neowin still remains the best imo.

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I can't remember exactly what I was searching for, but neowin popped up in the results. I joined in April of '03, but I didn't start to become real active until '04.

Mostly, I'll read the news, post my desktop, and offer the occasional useless tidbit of info. :p

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I always used to have computer problems, and my friend who always helped me solve them (Unimatrix Xero) kept referecing to Neowin. Eventually, I signed up. I'm glad I did.

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I'm not sure, but I think I was looking for information regarding the Windows XP beta. I think I stumbled here from the website

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A link through i was obsessed with longhorn back in the day and neowin used to have fast news updates (or maybe thats what i thought) and ive been here since

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I found neowin by looking up some info on PCI-e vs. PCI-x bus architecture and saw a post from someone with a question about it. So, I felt compelled to register to pass along my newly found information.

Dana Jae

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I honestly don't remember. But now it's a rare day that I don't visit.

Oh wait, it was on some microsoft website- something about xp I think.

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