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Lol I dont see how people on neowin can tell the difference betwenn your package and mine windows x, i think there should only be one, because bothe of ours are the same..... Just an idea, but maybe we could work on this together? I mean, you create the visual stlye, and i do the system file things, its just that your a great styler, andim great at system files and other things, maybe a joint package? Just asking if you would like to, I understand if you dont wanna, just that the similarities are too much to have two packages...


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R3zZo, I'll try with My MUI and report the result...Nooooo!!! I don't use to use XP Thai. It makes me sick!

THK WindowsX, if you don't respondme my windows was in Spanglish language :wacko: jajaja. thk.

A question men, how i can use only the visual style from this pack, or is the same of the last edition of your PlexStyleII ?.

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actually, i downloaded Alan's pack, it actually works, Window X's breaks everything, it replaces my uxtheme changes my settings, completely annoying

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i must admit that window x's skin is good.

Im using alan's pack with window x's boot,logon and theme

Windows X's Installer messed everthing up

Here is what my system looks like now, i had to redo it all because Window X's installer messed up all my themes and crap.


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for some reason these won't change....

-Change Logoff Panel to Longhorn button in Classic mode

-Change Logoff screen to Longhorn view

-Change LogonUI to Windows Longhorn LogonUI

-Change Shutdown screen to Longhorn view

-Change Start Panel text image in Classic mode to "Longhorn XP Professional"

-Change ToolBar to Longhorn blue ToolBar

-Change Windows flag to Blue Longhorn flag

-Change Windows flag to Longhorn flag in Start Button

-Change Windows XP's brand in About Windows to Longhorn XP Professional

do i need to do somthing to my original files or tweak something???????? (?_?)//

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mine was messed up too, so i used a hybrid of Alan and Window X's packages :p

works quite nice now, fully longhorn themed.

I used the icons etc from Alan and package for explorer and the dlls

Used the logon, bootscreen and theme from Windows X

Works perfect :)

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.....well that was disasterous

ui went fine , boot was ok... stufed my fonts, file veiwing settings... didnt install the explorer hacks, didnt change about windows... didnt do much at all

and when i uninstalled it it got rid of my other longhorn ui as well and changed my old plex theme II which i didnt want changed

plus after unistall it still left my fonts modified

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Yaa.... Listen,

1. It works only in Windows XP (build 2600) and SP1 (build 1106)

2. You have to eject XP's CD before run it

3. If you install from HD, you have to move XP files or edit registry for other XP's path

4. It works with multi language edition as well but it may mess your text about your language and English

5. You have to follow the instruction strictly! If it ask you to wait, you have to wait! About 30 seconds for sure to cancel Windows File Protection. Some system files won't replace cause you don't wait.

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i figured out what the problem was it didnt replace the files with .dll it put

.lhtmp WHAT THE HELL IS .lhtmp

anyway i found a way to fix it.... but ill report back soon with a tutorial on how to fix

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well it is stored in a dll

youd probably find its refered to in the string and fileversion sections

best bet ask ppl with longhorn to look for the word "main" in there file versions and strings cos it replaces the xpsp and is less common than the line xp

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I found the info in registry and about dll dialog in shell32.dll. When I change registry, it doesn't work. It will restore registry after reboot. And when I edit dialog to ignore check from other parts, it doesn't work too. Even I delete that text but it still same as it is.

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i think thats cos it refers to the version info on certain files... or you need to combat that protection

cos its in most of the dlls and explorer...

im working on the problem too... ive seen it done i just dont remember where

14352 dialog

04 string

they refer to %s and %d

but only the build number and service pack numbers are stored in shell 32....

the version number i found that in msgina

but what is %s %d

i found strings like that in ui logons refering to users and program numbers

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ok %s refers to user or word strings

and %d in numeric strings


but where is it getting its values

it also is in folder 24 shell32 dll

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i got it.... just remove the strings and replace it with your false text

sting 04 in shell32

ill test then tell you

EDIT: woohoo got it

just change the text in string 04 to

Version 6.0 (Build 4015.main.030328-1500)

and if you want change your copywrite

that in the dialog

but to revert you need to put the strings back

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