Neowin Giveaway: HP Data Vault X510 2TB


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From the front Page:

Hope i win!!

You can enter the contest by replying to this thread, any reply counts as 1 ticket into the contest bucket.

Note: If you enter the creative prize competition, please PM me a link to your forum this thread will likely have numerous pages, I dont want to miss any entries...Good Luck!

1. Jake's Mediablab

2. Hardwaresphere

3. Slashgear

4. Geekazine

5. Absolutely Windows

6. Gottabemobile

Also, here are links to the other websites who will be giving away another Data Vault and are entering contestants for the creative prizes too:

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NOTE - Oh and people, don't forget to DIGG the frontpage post!!!

Really epic, that Digg. I wanted to register on the website, connecting to my Facebook page. So I had to pick an username, I picked my nickname (RuuddieBoy). After that I pressed Finished, which showed me a screen asking me if I wanted to accept my Facebook email address. Then I realised I wanted to use my real name instead of my nickname for Digg, so I pressed the 'close' button on the popupscreen. This apparently f*cked up my registration on Digg: Now it says my account is made but I don't have any email address attached to it. I also do not know what my password is, my Facebook password doesn't work. When I want to request my username/password through mail I can't, because I don't appear to have any email addresses attached to it.

In other words: Take the 'gg' out of Digg! :(

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