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Xcode $5 on the mac app store?

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DeadEndAccount    508
That's funny, because I used the "express" edition of C# to write an application, which I'm currently selling and making money off of.

I'm pretty sure there's VB, C#, C++, and VB.net editions.

Correct - personally I don't see $4.99 a big deal because quite frankly I think even Microsoft should charge at least a token amount to cover bandwidth costs.

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.Neo    1,834
So if it's none of my reasons mentioned, why would Apple ever push the complete package all the time? To make fun of us, or they DO have a reason?

All the reasons you've given assume the developer tools are somehow fundamentally different from other application suites like iLife, iWork and Final Cut Studio. That isn't the case. Why Apple decided to do this is anyone's guess.

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