'Alphabet' registers a new home, could be upgrading from 'ABC.XYZ'

Over the past decade, Google has expanded from a simple search engine into a huge company with many different components. In order to organize, a new parent company, Alphabet, was created to handle the vast expanse of companies that had been acquired over the past few years. Although Google was unsuccessful in purchasing Alphabet.com from German car manufacturer BMW, it has now snagged itself a unique domain name: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.com.

Alphabet has yet to create a landing page for the freshly registered domain, but the company does currently have a welcome page at its previously registered Alphabet domain, ABC.XYZ. Naturally, Google was taken under Alphabet's network of other companies in August that now sits among Nest, Fiber, Google X and Calico. We have already seen changes made to the search engine, including a logo update that was implemented just a month ago. It is likely that Alphabet will continue to bring its branch companies inline with its branding and this site will be the epicenter of it all.

Source: The Financial Times

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