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Age of Empires IV's Holy Roman Empire and Rus civilizations unveiled

Age of Empires IV is launching with eight civilizations later this year, and so far, only six of them had gained full unveilings. That changed today during the gamescom 2021 Opening Night Live presentation, with Relic and World's Edge giving a look at the two remaining factions: Holy Roman Empire and Rus.

As the trailer shows off briefly, The Holy Roman Empire's main uniqueness seems to come from having more reinforced structures than other civilizations. A unit boosting element is also present with the Prelates, a unique unit that improves the efficiency of villagers' actions. Lastly, the Landsknecht arrives as a unique combat unit that looks to be wielding long swords.

Meanwhile, the Rus were detailed via one of the campaigns present in the game, namely The Rise of Moscow. Rus' unique troop is the Streltsy, a gunpowder unit that also carries an axe as a melee weapon. The monks are also upgraded here, with them having the ability to fight as normal troops and also move briskly thanks to their mounts. Conversions (Wololo) using Relics may become a very valid tactic for this faction because of this.

Age of Empires IV screenshot

Age of Empires IV is coming to PC across Steam and Microsoft Store on October 28. As with every Xbox Game Studios release, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be entering the game on day one with everyone else. A closed beta for the game just ended as well, so an open beta may be in the cards before the launch happens.

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