Amazon is once again selling Google's Chromecast devices

In October of 2015, Amazon ceased the sale of Apple TV and Google’s Chromecast devices due to "lack of support" for its Prime Video service; that, perhaps, was the catalyst to the cut-throat rivalry between Google and Amazon that lead to the removal of YouTube from Echo Show and Fire TV devices.

While the latter has no official solution beyond what Amazon’s concocted, the former now appears to have a resolution. Chromecast Ultra and the third-generation Chromecast are now, once again, available to purchase on Amazon.

Amazon promised to bring the Apple TV and Google’s Chromecast devices back on sale in December last year, and while the Apple TV did make a return – just as Prime Video was made available on that device –, the Chromecast devices remained absent.

Prime Video is still not available on Chromecast so it’s not clear what prompted Amazon to begin selling these streaming devices once again. It’s possible that that support is in the works but hasn’t been released just yet. YouTube remains absent from the Echo Show and Fire TV devices, however, which is noteworthy.

Chromecast Ultra is available to purchase on Amazon for the cost of $69, while the third-generation Chromecast is available for $35. Amazon sells both of them directly and Prime one-day shipping is also available for eligible areas.

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