Amazon shuts Book Depository almost 20 years after it was founded

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The popular online book store, Book Depository, is closing down almost 20 years after it was founded. The UK-based bookstore, which was acquired by Amazon in 2011, said that it will close down on April 26 but continue to deliver purchases and provide support for order issues until June 23. For anyone who wants to buy a book from Book Depository, it’s still possible to do so but you must get your order in by 12 p.m. BST on April 26.

Amazon told BBC News that it could confirm the closure of the Book Depository and said it was a “difficult decision”. Amazon has had to reorganize its book business this year after it laid off over 27,000 employees due to the more difficult economic situation around the world. As part of this shake-up, it stopped selling magazines and newspaper subscriptions on Kindle and it looks like Book Depository no longer has a place in Amazon’s vision of the future.

In an FAQ published by Book Depository, if you have pre-ordered a book that was due to launch after April 26, it will offer you a refund for your purchase as it won’t be able to ship the order. Additionally, if you have an order placed that has not yet been shipped, you can fill in an online cancellation form and the Customer Service team will be able to assist you in getting a refund.

Finally, if you have a wishlist on Book Depository, you can press the “download your wishlists” button to save the titles. You can then create a new wishlist on an alternative bookstore website that you ultimately choose to move to.

Source: Book Depository via BBC News

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