AMD 760MP/Geforce problem fixed

PROBLEMS WITH NVIDIA 23.11 drivers that affected AMD MP systems have been fixed, the INQUIRER has learned.

A big debate weeks ago over who was to blame for the problems which affected AMD 760MP machines affected some users.

But at the launch of the Geforce 4 in Brussels last week, I discovered that Nvidia has now solved the problem with AMD 760MP kit.

This is how Nvidia suggests fixing any problems with the 760 MP and 23.10 or later drivers, although we're unsure if similar problems affect 27.xx drivers - and will rely on our readers to let us know about this.

This is what you need to do for Windows 2000 and XP - if any of you have any problems after implementing this, please email me and let me know.

The following is a straight quote from Nvidia's advice on the problem:

Here's the place to put the reg key. On Win2k it's HKLMsystemcurrentcontrolsetservicesnvdevice0

On WinXP it's a bit more complicated:

HKLMsystemcurrentcontrolsetcontrolvideo{random sequence of hex digits}

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