Android 5.0 Lollipop update heads to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on T-Mobile

Over six months after it was first announced, the Lollipop update continues to slowly make its way to devices around the world. Very slowly, in fact - just 5.4% of Android devices have been updated to Lollipop so far, and only a tiny fraction are running the most recent OS version, Android 5.1.

The latest handset to get the update is Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 on T-Mobile US. The carrier hasn't yet announced the rollout of its update to the device, but Android Central has received numerous reports from owners whose T-Mo Note 4s have already been updated.

Like many other manufacturers, Samsung's update is not based on the new Android 5.1 build that has been available for some Nexus devices for several weeks; nor is it built on the even newer Android 5.1.1 version, for which Google released its first factory image last week.

Instead, Galaxy Note 4 owners on T-Mobile will have to settle for an update based on the older Android 5.0.1 release. Samsung is said to be working on Android 5.1 updates, though, starting with its new Galaxy S6 and S6 edge flagships.

Source: Android Central

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