Apple CEO says Apple TV sold 1.4 million units in Q4 2011

Apple announced blow out sales of its various products today during its quarterly financial results. That included over 34 million units of its iPhone smartphone and over 15 million units of its iPad tablet. However, the company didn't announced how many of its Apple TV set-top boxes it had sold in its press release today.

However, Apple CEO Tim Cook gave out those numbers during the company's conference call with analysts. Responding to a specific question about Apple TV sales, Cook said:

The Apple TV product is doing actually very well. In last fiscal year that ended in September, we sold a bit above 2.8 million units. And just in the past quarter--the December quarter--we set a new quarterly record for Apple TV with over 1.4 million (units).

While those numbers are well below the sales units of Apple's other products, it's clear that Apple TV has some fans out there. Indeed, Cook said during the conference call, " ... if you're using the latest one--I don't know about you--but, I couldn't live without it."

However, Cook still calls the Apple TV device a "hobby" for the company. When asked about Apple's future strategy for the living room set, Cook said, "It's a fantastic product and we continue to pull the string to see where it takes us, but other than that I don't have any comment."

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