Apple settles iPhone tracking lawsuit for South Korean man

Back in April, it was discovered that Apple has been tracking and recording the positions of iPhones and iPads here in the US. While there was a huge negative response to this revelation, there have so far not been any court actions in this country that have resulted in decisions against Apple. However that's not the case in other countries. Reuters reports that Apple has settled a case and paid $946 to a South Korean man who filed a lawsuit saying that Apple was taking location data from his iPhone without his consent.

A court made the decision on this matter in South Korea back in May, according to a report, and the payment of the settlement was given to the man, Kim Hyung-suk, back in June. So far Apple has not commented on the South Korean decision. However the law firm which handled this case has now decided to launch a class action lawsuit against Apple which if successful could see many more people getting similar compensation. Korean iPhone owners can sign up to participate in the class action lawsuit at its web site.

Apple has since issued an update to its iPhone that eliminated the tracking software. The company is now dealing with two separate lawsuits that claim some software installed on the iPhone and iPad has been sending out personal info to third party ad companies. In addition Google has found itself on the receiving end of a similar issue. The article states that Google's Korean offices were "raided in May on suspicion its mobile advertising unit AdMob had illegally collected location data without consent."

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