Chart shows Microsoft's Bing not making much headway in search

Microsoft's attempt to launch its own search engine with Bing started up in June 2009. However in the two years since that launch Microsoft has made little headway in the search engine market. A new article at Business Insider shows a chart that indicates Bing has just 14.4 percent of the search engine market. That's behind the much more established Yahoo at 15.9 percent although Bing has closed the gap between itself and Yahoo so far in 2011.

Of course the king of search engines, at least here in the US, continues to be Google. The company currently has 65.5 percent of the search engine market. However as the article points out Google's overall growth seems to have stopped. Between April 2010 and June 2011 the chart shows Google's market share as moving very little. The highest percentage on the chart was 66.6 percent in December 2010 and the lowest is 65.4 percent in both August 2010 and February 2011.

The chart's results might be a little different if you consider that Bing is also powering Yahoo's search engine here in the US. The change was first announced in the summer of 2009. Yahoo's search results will fully transition over to Bing and Microsoft's control globally by early 2012. Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer is especially keen on Bing. In a recent speech he stated, " ... most of us as human beings want to command these systems to do something for us. And the core technology we're developing to understand and try to simulate the world of users and what they're interested in, and how they want to get it done is all being done in Bing."

Image via Business Insider

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