Apple stops selling the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

Today, Apple introduced the new iPhone SE, which is basically an iPhone 8 with an A13 Bionic inside of it. It should be unsurprising then, to hear that Apple has stopped selling the iPhone 8, which was actually a bit more expensive than the $399 iPhone SE.

More notable, however, is that the iPhone 8 Plus is gone as well. That's more interesting because there's no iPhone SE Plus. If you want a 5.5-inch iPhone with a home button, you're out of luck, or you can head over to third-party retailers that still have some stock.

If you want that kind of size now, your only option is the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which costs around twice as much. Both, the iPhone XR and the iPhone 11 are still bigger than the iPhone 8/SE, but not quite as big as the iPhone 8 Plus. It's worth remembering, as always, that screen sizes are measured diagonally, so 5.5 inches isn't always smaller than 6.1 inches when the aspect ratio changes.

Aside from the bigger screen, another key feature of the iPhone 8 Plus was the dual-lens camera. This feature is kind of available in other models. Both the iPhone SE and iPhone XR have single-lens cameras, but they still have portrait mode. Back in the iPhone 8 era, portrait mode was the main value proposition of having two sensors. The iPhone 11 does still have two lenses, but it's the main lens and an ultra-wide sensor, while the 8 Plus had a main lens and a 2x zoom lens.

Some have speculated that Apple might actually have an iPhone SE Plus in tow, with one person saying that it wasn't ready yet. This does seem a bit unlikely though since all Apple did for the regular iPhone SE was swap out the chipset for a newer one.

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