Apple UK's online store sold out of iPhone 5

Image is everything, and it’s something Apple has in abundance. A mixed reaction from the technical community and their competitors has not put iPhone fans off the iPhone 5. Following on from reports that shipping time on the handsets was going to take a little longer than planned, it looks like the iPhone 5 has sold out in the UK.

Selling out is one thing, but the device sold out like a Take That reunion gig, with stock reportedly only lasting an hour before it was gone. Apple will probably hold off on the figures until after launch events in their stores, but they have said:

Pre-orders for iPhone 5 have been incredible. We’ve been completely blown away by the customer response.

A SIM free iPhone 5 will now take two to three weeks for delivery, for all models, so getting your hands on one on the 21st means going the contract route or get the queues outside your local Apple store. It also means that, to keep stock levels up, providers can drive a harder bargain when it comes to upgrade negotiations.

So get yourself down to your local Apple store before 8am on Friday to avoid disappointment!

Source: Mobile Choice UK

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