Apple wins tablet prize with cease and desist letter

ValleyWag was hosting a scavenger hunt contest for any proof that the Apple Tablet (named iSlate?) existed. The website was offering a cash reward for anyone with photo, video or concrete proof that the device does exist. Ironically, Apple won a prize for revealing the tablet.

The prizes ranged from $10,000 for a photo of the device, $20,000 for a video of the device, $50,000 of Steve Jobs using the device and $100,000 to let them use the device for an hour.

Apple sent a cease and desist letter to ValleyWag demanding that they stop the scavenger hunt. The letter contained this line “Apple has maintained the types of information and things you are soliciting ... in strict confidence,” providing proof that the Tablet does exist.

ValleyWag hosted the contest to put an end to the rumors and speculation about the Apple Tablet once and for all. The only thing the website has since received (that isn't an obvious fake) is a cease and desist letter from Apple, but still continue to host the scavenger hunt, but work around the rules using anonymous emails.

ValleyWag announced lawyer Michael Spillner the winner and sent him a gift basket with a DVD of Legally Blonde 2, a $25 Zune Marketplace gift card and a fabulous set of steak knives.

Apple is said to be hosting a press conference next week on January 27.


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