Best Buy closes a few stores in Canada, forgets to tell employees

Getting laid off from your job sucks and anyone who has been through this process knows the gut-wrenching feeling of having your income swept out from underneath your feet. For employees at a few Best Buy locations in Canada, they were met this morning with locked doors and security guards telling them that they no longer have jobs.

According to the CBC, Best Buy closed at least two outlets in Quebec but never told the employees that the stores were closing. When workers showed up this morning, they were met by security guards who told them that they no longer had jobs at Best Buy and that the store was closed.

The report states that Best Buy will close 12 stores across Canada but what is unconfirmed at this time is when the company will grow a pair of coconuts and have the gull to tell its employees that they are losing their job. Having your paycheck taken away from you is bad enough, but to have the closure come unexpectedly makes it even worse.

BestBuy has been struggling as of late as it works to fight off online competitors such as Amazon who have been able to offer the same goods at lower prices.

Source: CBC

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