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Cities: Skylines II update delivers DLSS, Beach Properties DLC content for free, and more

Cities Skylines 2 Beach Properties DLC

Last week, Colossal Order and Paradox announced a major shift in Cities: Skylines II's development focus going forward. This meant delaying upcoming DLC packs and putting the development team completely on game optimization and bug fixes. It also meant that the game's first premium DLC pack, Beach Properties, was going free for all players, with refunds also being sent out.

Today, that Beach Properties patch has finally landed, and it has also brought other goodies like DLSS and bug fixes too.

"This patch removes the entitlement from all the Beach Properties assets, so they are now a part of the base game and available to everyone," says Colossal Order. "Saves and custom maps using the assets should work without any extra steps." Head here to find more details on the refunding procedure for those who had purchased the widely panned DLC.

Cities Skylines 2 Beach Properties DLC

A surprise addition of this update is Nvidia DLSS 2 upscaling technology. The city builder launching with the original 1.0 version of AMD FSR, and no other upscaling option. Hopefully, the new addition will at least help Nvidia players achieve better frame rates. The studio is also working on adding FSR 2 support in a later update too.

Here are the performance-related changes and bug fixes included in this update for players:


  • Nvidia DLSS Super Resolution support added
  • Some pathfinding optimizations to reduce slowing simulation
  • UI optimizations
  • Optimizations to reduce frame spikes

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Mod options are sorted alphabetically instead of random
  • Made bus stop and mailbox color in infoview same as icon color
  • Citizens are more likely to use taxis from outside connections when moving in the city
  • Automatically pause and display any pending legal documents when continuing last game from the launcher
  • Fixed crash to desktop occurs after starting a new game on Custom Map from Editor where 'Placeholder Surface' was used
  • Fixed crash to desktop occurs after placing any Truck from “Add Object” menu in developerMode
  • Fixed crash to desktop after loading save with broken path-road connections
  • Fixed crash to desktop after loading map with Landfill's lot created in Editor
  • Fixed Cartography achievement
  • Fixed dispatching problem causing service vehicles to have trouble reaching some targets in certain cases. Affects garbage collecting, post van (for buildings), police patrolling and road maintenance.
  • Fixed patient teleports to ambulance if the parking lot is close to their location
  • Fixed a road tool snapped to an existing road may randomly get into an incorrect position
  • Fixed zone grid alignment broken when bulldozing stops or mailboxes when there are different sized roads connected
  • Fixed duplicated city service upkeep items of building that have upgrade
  • Fixed trains stuck at rail yard when there are multiple spawning trains and arriving trains at the same time.
  • Fixed part of Hydroelectric Power Plant remains on map after bulldozing it
  • Fixed tutorial task list not resetting when selecting “Reset tutorials” from gameplay options.
  • Fixed limit tutorial center card height to prevent overlapping with bottom toolbar
  • Fixed missing color of Destroyed Buildings in the Disaster Control Info View
  • Fixed service coverage displaying all red for a couple of frames when activating infoview for the first time after loading save (In paused mode or soon after loading)
  • Fixed line color changes are not visible while it's hovered with a cursor.
  • Fixed Firewatch Tower incorrectly shows its range when hovering over the building
  • Fixed mouse tool options tooltips did not support handling a larger number of options or smaller resolutions/UI scalings
  • Fixed interface/panel transparency for non default UI styles
  • Fixed issue preventing saving after changing name with controller and virtual keyboard
  • Menu notifications thumbnail image will now retain its aspect ratio and will cover the square space with overflow content cut
  • Various screen resolution fixes
  • Multiple text fixes

Controller fixes:

  • All photomode panel properties can be reset
  • Reset property and capture keyframe action added for controller
  • Revamped controller navigation and focus styles for a more intuitive and streamlined UX
  • Disabled Editor inspector items can be focused to fix situations where some fields cannot be viewed or scrolled to with a controller.
  • Fixed draggable value not updating input label in photo mode panel
  • Fixed null reference when trying to reset a property that had no reset callback
  • Fixed controller navigation in Editor preview/thumbnail picker, save map panel, and add component menu. Item pickers no longer select items when focused by default.
  • Fixed preview not updating with various tools when using controller to select asset
  • Fixed controller action hints overlapping main menu sub screens
  • Fixed Editor bottom bar sliders not being usable with controller
  • Fixed item picker footer slider not being usable with controller
  • Fixed controller's slider buttons getting inverted when the slider's start value is higher than the end value
  • Added missing names from QLOC team to the credits
Cities Skylines 2 screenshot

Colossal Order also has a bunch of bug fixes for the mod editor and Paradox Mods platform with this update. Check them all out at the full 1.1.2f1 changelog here.

With the shift in development focus, Cities: Skylines II's first expansion, Bridges and Ports, is now coming in 2025. The console editions are still scheduled to launch sometime this year, however.

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