Comcast: AT&T switch steady so far

Comcast says "a majority" of former AT&T Broadband subscribers have switched over to its domain name and the change was fairly smooth--although a small number of customers experienced delays in receiving e-mail.

Subscribers affected by the delays were those who had a secure socket layer (SSL) configuration to authenticate their e-mail, the cable Internet giant said Tuesday. Comcast did not open its e-mail servers to SSL-configured e-mail users until 9 a.m. "The last piece of that transition was to set configurations to allow IP (Internet Protocol) addresses using SSL to get into our mail servers," said Mitch Bowling, vice president of operations for Comcast's high-speed Internet group.

A Comcast representative said the top issue so far has been customers calling in to reset passwords for the Web site and for the transition software. The representative declined to say how many of its total subscribers have successfully changed to The change in customers' e-mail domains from to began Monday as part of the final phase in Comcast's $72 billion acquisition of AT&T Broadband.

Comcast offered software to subscribers using Microsoft's Outlook e-mail to automatically change settings. Customers who don't use Outlook or the Macintosh operating system were given instructions to manually change internal settings.

News source: C|net

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