Anonymous file sharing available from Kazaa competitors

As previously mentioned, traffic on the Kazaa network is now back to normal after a brief fall due to the RIAA's announcement on P2P. Now two companies are offering anonymous filesharing where no user ID is divulged.

Filetopia have been offering this facility for a while, and Monday saw the emergence of Blubster, who also offer anonymity to its users. These offer an alernative to Kazaa, but need to have as many users to offer the huge colection of files available on Kazaa, and from current usage trends people are sticking with the FastTrack network. A communications researcher from San Francisco has claimed that "If the recording industry succeeds in their goal of making large numbers of people feel unsafe in their file sharing, it's a safe bet that someone will come along to fill the sudden demand for an easy, safer way to use P2P".

A user of a P2P network who has downloaded 200 songs in LA has told CNN that "I don't think that I trade in the volumes that they would be interested in. If they really went after me, I would pretty likely stop. I'm not making any money off of it.". Another user who has disabled sharing due to the RIAA announcement has claimed that "I turned (the feature) off because they're on their witch hunt, and I think the witch hunt will die off and prove to be just that".

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