Command & Conquer Remastered now in full production, UI updates shared

Two Command & Conquer remasters were announced by EA late last year, and they're being developed by Petroglyph Games, planning to bring back the original Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert games as a bundled package to modern systems with enhancements.

Today, the Command & Conquer Remastered producer Jim Vessella took to Reddit and revealed that the project has now moved past pre-production and is now in full production. The timing may be tied to Petroglyph's recent Conan Unconquered launch on May 29, allowing the developer to dedicate more of its resources to the remasters.

Vassella added that Tiberian Dawn multiplayer is now playable on the remaster, and also detailed some of the work being done to update the UI while "keeping elements authentic to the legacy version." The image above shows an in-progress version of the new Tiberian Dawn sidebar, where the developers are working to reduce scrolling as much as possible, as suggested by the community.

To accomplish this, build tabs are being implemented across the top of the sidebar - similar to later games in the series - for Buildings, Infantry, Vehicles, and Support Powers. It will also now fit 18 build buttons instead of the old eight, further reducing the need for scrolling. Money and Options buttons have also been moved here, giving the game screen more real estate. As expected, these upgrades will be applied to Red Alert's sidebar as well.

It may still be a while before the Command & Conquer Remastered bundle is available for purchase, but it seems EA is keen on sharing details on the development process as it progresses. Check out the full update post here.

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