Daily Gaming: November 9, 2010

We are sure that many of you are getting sucked into Call of Duty: Black Ops right now on whatever console or PC version you have bought, but there will also be many Europeans who will also be queuing up for the launch if Microsoft's Kinect this evening. The full launch is taking place in London while many stores will once again opening at Midnight to those who pre-ordered the device.

Windows News

SpellForce 2 Website launched

DreamCatcher Games and JoWooD has announced that they have now launched the official website for their upcoming title SpellForce 2: Faith in Destiny. The game is an all new campaign in the SpellForce series of Role-Playing-Strategy based games.

Xbox News

Boulder Dash Sequel coming

Kalypso and First Star Software have announced that Boulder Dash-XL will be released for Xbox Live Arcade on the Xbox 360 and on Windows. The game is a long time classic that has been revamped with HD graphics. The game has four new modes, Arcade, Puzzle, Zen and Time Challenges. There are now four worlds and over 150 caves to explore.

Microsoft Deny Kinect Hack Story

Microsoft has denied that their Kinect motion-sensing control device has been hacked. They have stated that all that has happened is that someone has managed to create drivers that let other devices interface with the sensor. It won't be long until it does get hacked in all likelihood though.

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PlayStation News

New Comet Crash: Bionic Swarm screens

We have been sent in a number of Comet Crash: Bionic Swarm screenshots. They have been attached to our gallery for you to go through. The upcoming expansion has players returning to the stars to carry on their fight. The new battlegrounds will include Gaia which is a "lush and savage landscape, Gaia is where enemy forces have been conducting experiments on their militant troops. Updated intel reveals that they have mastered technology that transmogrifies existing fighters into hideous and powerful swarm creatures." The game will be released on the PlayStation Network on November 17.

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iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch News

Flight Control HD iPad Multiplayer coming

Firemint have stated that with the upcoming release of Game Center on the iPad thanks to iOS 4.2, Flight Control HD will soon have built in multiplayer modes. The game will have an iPad-exclusive "versus" map. Flight Control HD will also allow co-operative modes as well as the achievements and leaderboards that are part of Game Center.

Galaxy on Fire 2 gets it first update

The excellent Galaxy on Fire 2 has had its first big update that fixes both major bugs as well as adding a few small new features. Some users have been complaining about the games slow autopilot mode so they have added a new button that allows you to fast-forward time if there are no enemies in view; the Space Lounge camera movement can now be skipped as well.

The level cap has also been raised to level 20 and they have added the option of listening to your own music in game.

Major bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where menu buttons became extremely unresponsive on the iPhone 3G
  • Fixed a bug where resuming the app resulted in unresponsive buttons and rapid progression through the dialogues
  • Fixed a bug where using the khador drive during the last mission lead to an infinite loop
  • Fixed a bug where you wouldn't get the German version of the game when bought via iTunes
  • Fixed a bug where bronze and silver medals were not correctly forwarded to OpenFeint and GameCenter

In addition to five major bug fixes mentioned above, Fishlabs also fixed 15 minor issues.

Horror title - iRequiem launches

iRequiem is a new 2D based horror shooter that is set in hell. It  has you fighting against Zombies and other creatures via guns, grandes and more. You can also gain magic powers and magic weapons as you progress through the game. Here are some of the main features:

  • Campaign game mode - lead the main protagonist through five stages of detailed story driven game play
  • Survival game mode
  • 4+ hours of gameplay for Campaign mode; unlimited for Survival mode
  • 55 levels, 4 difficulty levels, great storyline
  • 5 stages with unique graphics
  • 11 kill skills: overkill, multi kill, chain kill, afterburn, carbonized, smash kill...
  • 13 types of regular enemies
  • 3 types of mini-bosses
  • 5 unique bosses
  • Professional in-game voices by John McCann
  • Vehicles
  • Humans fighting on the player's side
  • Control any monster with dark powers!
  • Detailed player statistics
  • OpenFeint leader boards and achievements (40+)
  • Action Replay - records your gameplay and watch it later! Watch how you have defeated the boss, completed a level etc.

Android News

Huge Angry Birds Update

Rovio has released the first major update for Angry Birds on the Android Operating System. The update has a load of new levels as well as support for QVGA graphics so that those who own some of the early smaller screen Android handsets can get in on the action.

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