Diablo III stats and hotfixes discussed

Diablo III has been out for a couple of weeks now, but Blizzard has already released a number of hotfixes for the action-RPG. In a new post on the game's official web site, Blizzard offers up some early statistics since the game's launch along with information about plans for upcoming gameplay changes.

First, the stats: the average Diablo III player has so far created three characters and 80 percent of the game's characters are either between level 1 and 30. Only 1.9 percent of Diablo III characters have managed to unlock the high Inferno game difficulty level.

While Blizzard has indeed released a number of hotfixes so far, the developer admits that " ... in general, most changes will arrive through patches." One hotfix has made the Lingering Fog, Boon of Protection, and Force Armor skills less powerful because, in Blizzard's estimation, these skills turned out to be " ... more powerful than they should be, and we felt their impact on class balance and how each class was perceived warranted hotfixes as soon as we were able."

The update also reveals that Blizzard is "keeping a close eye on Inferno" as well as the power of Legendary in-game items and more. The website post ends with an update on the planned launch of Diablo III's PvP features, saying:

We’re going full steam ahead on the PvP patch, which will also include a number of game changes unrelated to PvP, and we look forward to sharing more about that as we get closer to opening up a PTR, where you’ll be able to test out our changes -- and enjoy mercilessly slaughtering one another in the PvP arena.

Source: Diablo III website | Image via Blizzard

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