Download top PC games from EA for free (and legally)

We've seen this topic discussed on the forums, yet reckon the deal is attractive enough to put on the front page, after all who doesn't want free PC games?

EA's PC platform Origin has launched a promotion offering a free game, every month to each user. The scheme named “On the House” is available to anybody who registers before the 8th of May and installs the client software.

Currently Dead Space is available for download, the popular third-person survival horror game. The title will change each month so don't worry if this particular one is not for you. Although, once you click download, it's yours to keep with no strings attached.

A similar service that Microsoft offer on the Xbox 360 allow for Gold members to gain two freebies every 4 weeks. This scheme has proven hugely popular, offering titles to the likes of Hitman: Absolution and Saints Row: The Third. We suspect EA are aiming to gain attention similar to Valves Steam that often has attractive offers on digital downloads.

Origin has recently stopped the sales of physical media online, so it was a surprise to see such a great deal so soon. Keep an eye out on the Origin store as you may be able to pickup some more A-List titles for free.

Check out Origins "On the House" promotion here.

Source: Origin via ThePokedPenguin (on our Neowin forums) | Image via EA

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