EA, DICE axe mystery project

Even with the new consoles, developers are creating games for the current consoles. Further evidence that the focus is already shifting away from
current-gen development came last week. That's when Digital Illusions
CE (DICE), the studio behind the ever-popular Battlefield shooter
series, quietly informed the public that it had canceled an
unidentified "licensed game" for the PS2 and Xbox.

"In the middle of October 2005 Digital Illusions signed an agreement to
license the rights to Electronic Arts' studio in the UK to develop the
Xbox and PlayStation 2 versions of its untitled game with release in
2006/ 2007,"
read a statement posted on DICE's Web site.
Due to falling sales for games to both consoles EA and Digital
Illusions have decided to cancel the development of the product for
these two platforms."

DICE also moved to preemptively quash any speculation that the
mystery game's cancelation might be because of poor sales of
Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, its only Xbox and PlayStation 2 game to
date. "
Digital Illusions' game Battlefield 2: Modern Combat for Xbox
and PS2 has sold approximately 1 million copies to retailers until
December 31, 2005,"
the company said. PSP and Xbox 360 versions of the
game are due out later this year.
News source: GameSpot

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