EPA confirms Tesla Model 3 range at an electric 310 miles

While Tesla struggles to move volumes of the Model 3 off of the line and into consumers eagerly awaiting hands, it looks like there is a bit of good news about performance numbers. The Environmental Protection Agency has now certified that the promised range of the electric vehicle at 310 miles is in fact accurate.

This number is applicable to the Long Range version of the vehicle and matches what Tesla promised when it announced the detailed specifications. The Long Range model will cost you a bit more than the standard version, as it comes in at $44,000. But, if you're eager to get your order sooner, this is probably the best model to choose, as the standard version won't begin production until sometime in 2018.

While potential customers will be happy with the news, Tesla still needs to find a way to ramp up the production of the vehicle if it wants to instill confidence in its owners and its own future.

Source: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) via The Verge | Image via Tesla

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