Facebook dominates third-party login numbers

The ubiquitous login screen may define the Internet, as it acts as gatekeeper and identifier of all traffic heading into the site over which it stands watch. Logically, users want to use a common and secure credential to login to all the various websites they frequent. The third-party login acts as a way to login to a site with trusted credentials from sites like Google, Facebook, and Yahoo!. As the practice becomes more and more popular, it’s interesting to see which sites users are trusting for their source of credentials when logging into a third-party website.

According to ReadWriteWeb, Facebook has not only taken first place, they have blown away the competition. According to Gigya’s measurements, Facebook is responsible for 46% of third-party logins, and the nearest competitor, Google, limps in at 17%. This dominance applies across the board in carious categories of websites, ranging from entertainment portals to business and commercial websites. The only category that Facebook doesn’t grab top honors in is news sites. Facebook is only responsible for 25% of third-party logins at news websites, and Twitter takes 1st place with a 45%. This makes sense when you consider Twitter’s efficient method of quickly gathering and distributing small updates. It was practically made for news proliferation.

It’s interesting to see Google so low on all the lists. For a company that wants to dominate large segments of the Internet market and become a ubiquitous digital presence, users just don’t seem to want to use Google credentials at other websites. 

Image Source: Gigya

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