Facebook Home TV ad has Mark Zuckerberg, a goat and go-karts

The launch of Facebook Home happened on schedule on Friday and while the early reviews are not exactly praising this Android skin, the new TV ad that's been launched to help promote it is actually kind of ... well, odd. For one thing, it has Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg front and center, telling his fellow Facebook employees how proud he is of their work.

As it tuns out, the real focus of the commercial is "Joey", one of those "hard working" Facebook team members who is apparently too busy using his new HTC First smartphone, with Facebook Home pre-installed, to pay attention to his boss make a speech (we will ignore the fact that Zuckerberg still has more money than we will ever hope to see).

The commercial is supposed to show how Facebook Home, with its Cover Feed feature, makes a smartphone more of an immersive experience. Thus we see how Facebook Home turns the world around "Joey" into a place where go-karts race in Facebook headquarters and a goat "baaahes" next to Zuckerberg.

However, the real effect of the commercial is to show how much of a slacker "Joey" is. If we were the person next to him we would be thinking, "Really, Joey? You are going to be looking at your smartphone, even a smartphone running Facebook Home, when the man who could instantly fire you is speaking a few feet away?" Wow. We think "Joey" needs to find another gig.

Source: Facebook on YouTube

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