Facebook Messenger will no longer require a Facebook account..... in some countries

Facebook Messenger has slowly been expanding and has become quite a robust tool for communication for personal and business use. With competition from the likes of Skype and WhatsApp, it was only a matter of time that Facebook would open up its popular messenger service to a wider user base. Today, Facebook announced that it will allow users access to Facebook Messenger service without a Facebook account.

Facebook ditching the requirement of having to have a Facebook account to use Messenger will easily broaden the appeal of the popular service and drive new users to its service. Naturally, Facebook Messenger has a huge following thanks to the social media sites more than 600 million users. But, this number can only grow with the Facebook account requirement being lifted. Currently, this feature is limited to the United States, Canada, Peru and Venezuela.

While Messenger won't require a Facebook account, Messenger will require a phone number in order to create an account. For those that choose to use their Facebook account to log in, there will be the added benefit of easily messaging Facebook friends, accessing Facebook messages and multi-device messaging support.

Source: Facebook

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