Facebook updates privacy polices; adds more tips

Facebook is now less than a week away from launching its public stock offering. It's widely considered to be the biggest IPO launch in recent memory. Yet, there are still a lot of people who believe that Facebook doesn't do enough to protect the privacy of its over 900 million users. Today, Facebook announced it has revised its privacy polices, which the company says is more transparent than its previous plans.

In a post on Facebook's privacy page, Facebook said that some of the changes were due to suggestions from the Irish Data Protection Commissioner’s Office, who told Facebook that more needed to be done to offer details about their polices to their users. The page goes over some of those changes:

For example, we include additional tips, marked with a light bulb so you can find them easily.  We’ve added new links to our Help Center.  We created a new section explaining how we use “cookies” and similar technologies and updated the corresponding explanations about cookies in our Help Center.  We also provide more information about how we use data to operate Facebook, to advertise, and to promote safety and security for Facebook users.  These examples and explanations are designed to help you understand what the Data Use Policy means in practice.

Facebook has also launched a Terms and Policies Hub web page that will serve as the central place where users can read and learn more about the company's privacy standards. Facebook subscribers can also go to the Site Governable page to offer their feedback on the changes.

Image via Facebook

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