Factory building game Satisfactory hits Steam on June 8, shedding Epic exclusivity

Satisfactory, the latest project of Coffee Stain Studios, arrived to the Epic Games Store in March of last year as an exclusive to the platform, and went on to sell more than half a million copies in three months. Over a year later, the popular factory building and simulation game is finally getting a Steam launch, with the studio today confirming that June 8 has been marked as the release date on Valve's storefront.

The open-world title has players get together and build machinery to automate the mining and transporting of resources - from rare minerals to liquids - from the world to other machinery that output useful materials, which can then be used to make even more complex equipment and machines.

The title's Epic Games exclusivity deal would have ended on March 19, 2020, per the developer, but it has taken several months more to make the move over to Steam official. Also, just like on the Epic Games Store, the Satisfactory Steam version will be available as an Early Access release. Players on both platforms will be able to play together. Also, save files will be transferable between the two versions.

The Satisfactory Early Access release on Steam will cost $29.95 normally, but there will be a 10% launch discount attached to the title for a limited time after the June 8 launch.

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