Firefox addon aims to prevent social networking hangovers

Ever had a big night out, come home and jumped on Facebook, only to wake the next morning to discover your inebriated posts weren't such a great idea?

The AFP reports that help could be at hand, in the form of a new Firefox addon from Colorado-based developer Webroot.

Dubbed the "Social Media Sobriety Test", the free addon is aiming to prevent social networking hangovers by blocking a user's access to sites like Facebook and Twitter unless they can prove they are sober enough to pass a series of coordination tests.

Once installed, the addon asks the user to choose which services to block, and to nominate the times at which they are likely to be vulnerable to posting under the influence.

The coordination tests include keeping a cursor inside a moving circle or correctly identifying a series of flashing lights.

If a user fails they will be blocked from using a service and in the case of Facebook, the addon posts a status that reads: ''[Name here] is too intoxicated to post right now.'' However, the addon won't do anything to prevent mobile users from embarrassing themselves.

Google offers a similar service for Gmail users called ''Mail Goggles'', and Aussie mobile provider Virgin Mobile allows users to nominate a phone number they do not trust themselves to avoid calling or texting when drunk.

That number would then be "blacklisted" until 6am the following day, preventing any embarrassing drunken communications.

Update: The addon is also available for Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

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