Firefox Nightlies for Android receive new UI, merging elements

As the market for smartphones booms globally, there is a developmental focus on well-polished apps. Browsing the Internet is perhaps the biggest allure of a smartphone, and big names on desktop are getting popular on mobile too.

Mozilla’s Firefox might be extremely popular on a computer, though it isn’t as popular on mobile. Sure, the company has the ZTE Open and Firefox OS to deal with, but development for Android is still steaming ahead.

Lucas Rocha, a UI engineer at Mozilla, has outlined a number of changes reaching the browser through its ‘Nightly’ developmental channel. One major change comes with the “modernized” codebase, though not everyone will see this change.

The biggest change for the end user is at the front of the browser. The Start Page has been merged with the ‘Awesomescreen’, making it possible to swipe between History, Bookmarks and Speed Dial.

Users familiar with Android’s Firefox browser likely won’t see a massive difference. As our side-by-side comparison shows, there have been small changes; the most obvious is the tab counter on the right of the address bar. Rocha himself describes the design: "the new design feels more streamlined, cleaner, and lighter throughout."

If you’re interested in trying the latest and (potentially) greatest version of Firefox for Android, you’ll have to download and install the 29MB APK from Mozilla’s nightly developmental website.

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