Froyo for HTC Desire imminent

Over on Twitter, it looks like one of the directors of HTC Europe has outed the Froyo update for the HTC Desire. HTC has been relatively tight lipped about the update, and only just announced recently the devices that will actually be receiving the 2.2 update. Late June, HTC revealed that the Desire, Legend and Wildfire would be getting the 2.2 update, but older devices would be left out.

According to Talk Android, Mark Moon, one of the Directors of HTC Europe, said that "we start tomorrow with the upgrades for Android Desire, later devices" (translated by Google Translate). This news was posted over 24 hours ago, so the update should be imminent for HTC Desire users. Mark also went on to point out that not everyone may receive the update today, as there may be a bandwidth limit for the amount of updates that can be pushed out in one day. 

This is fantastic news, if true, as HTC said that the devices would be receiving the update sometime in Q3, but wouldn't specify a date. Unofficial ROMs have been available for various HTC devices that sport 2.2, but the Desire will only be the second device to receive the update.

Talk Android says that the news "makes sense" due to all the recent leaks of official 2.2 updates for other devices, in addition to the fact that the Droid Incredible, Droid and Droid X are scheduled to receive the updates in August.

Android 2.2 (Froyo) is the most recent update for Android, and until now has only been official for the Nexus One. Froyo sports full Adobe Flash integration, as well as wifi and hotspot tethering, an improved javascript engine, the ability to install applications to SD, as well as many more features.

Do you have an HTC Desire? Got the OTA update yet? Let us know with pictures in the comments!

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