Galaxy Nexus on sale again, for now, via Google Play

A few days ago, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was removed from the Google Play store. The move was made to comply with a previously placed US sales ban on the Galaxy Nexus due to a patent dispute from Apple. Late on Friday, Google and Samsung got the good news that the Galaxy Nexus ban was lifted, at least for now, by an appeals court decision.

Now the Galaxy Nexus is once again listed as being for sale on Google Play. Shipments for the Android 4.0 smartphone are expected to be completed in just one or two weeks, according to the site.

Samsung and Google are reportedly planning to release a software update for the Galaxy Nexus that they believe will solve the patent issues Apple has with the product. So far that software update has yet to be made available. It's also possible that Apple could go back and petition the courts to put the US sales ban back in place for the Galaxy Nexus while its legal case against Samsung and Google continues.

In June, as part of its I/O developer conference, Google announced that the Galaxy Nexus would be one of the first Android smartphones to get the Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) upgrade.

Source: Google Play

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