Gameloft bringing GTA-like sandbox game to iOS and Android

Gaming on your mobile phone has certainly come a long, long way in recent years and it looks like its about to be kicked up a notch, thanks to Gameloft. Later this year, they'll be releasing a title called 9mm on both iOS and Android platforms, with phones and tablets alike getting the love.

Gameloft have released a trailer for the sandbox game, which isn't particularly safe for work so beware. Details are a bit on the scarce side, but the trailer does give away some details - it'll be a pretty adult-orientated game, as there was plenty of swearing and scantily clad women around. The game has clearly been inspired by the likes of Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row. There may even be some aspect of bullet-time, although that could just be the trailer. One thing's for sure, though, the graphics look stunning and wouldn't be out of place on the likes of the PSP.

There's no word on pricing or which devices exactly will be supported, nor is there any kind of release details. There was recently news that Gameloft will be peddling their wares exclusively on the Amazon android app store and if it's anything like the PopCap deal, then at the very least you can expect it to be a free app of the day at some point in the future.

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