GoG.com adds Windows 8 support to over 400 older PC games

When a new version of Windows comes out, there's always a risk that older Windows applications, particularly games, won't be compatible with the new OS. If you have an older PC, that means your copy of your favorite old PC game might not run if you make the plunge and switch to Windows 8.

The folks over at the PC game download site GoG.com are well aware of this issue. The site has a massive amount of games that were originally supposed to run just on MS-DOS and much older versions of Windows, and have taken the time to make sure most of them run on Windows 7. Today, the company announced that it has made an effort to update many titles in its game catalog to Windows 8 as well.

In a post today on the GoG.com site, the company said:

So as of today we're adding official Windows 8 support for most of the games in GOG.com catalog. There are currently 431 titles fixed, tested, and reported to be working properly under Microsoft's new OS. Note that most of these have not had the master builds updated, so you shouldn’t need to redownload the installer or anything. Some of the titles, our build ninjas performed their usual magic on, and they’ll work now in Windows 8--and we’re even adding Windows 7 support to a few. We’ll also be adding more Windows 8 games as time goes by and we’ve got time to apply some fixes to more of the classic games in the catalog.

This is great news for Windows 8 owners who might have been worried that they could have issues if they downloaded certain games from GoG.com. The company, which also doesn't use DRM for any of its titles, has recently branched out and started offering a small selection of new games in addition to its many classic PC games.

Source: GoG.com | Image via GoG.com

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