Updated: Goodbye Android Market and hello Google Play

If you can remember the name "Google Play" then you’re most likely aware that it was originally assumed to be the name of the rumoured 7-inch Google Tablet. However, we can now confirm that it is the new name for the Android Market. We’re still unsure as to why a new name was necessary but we’re sure that the new name and new features will work out for the best.

Google Play is now an entirely cloud-based solution to purchasing your music, movies, books and apps. This means that all the purchased content a user buys is stored online, and is always available to them, without any fear of losing anything. Google Play can also auto-sync the applications purchased by users to a device of preference.

We’re going to keep this extremely short because honestly, there is nothing more to tell but below is the announcement video, courtesy of the Google Play website.

We’re pretty sure that Google Play will regularly be updated to provide a more efficient experience for users with multiple devices and look forward to keeping you posted on future news. Feel free to leave your thoughts.



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