Google and LEGO team up for virtual LEGO project

Building a LEGO creation has expanded over the years to encompass more that just some simple bricks. Today, Google's Australian division announced it has entered into a partnership with LEGO to launch the Build website. The site allows anyone to create virtual LEGO structures within the site.

You can see a demo of the Build website in the video above, which shows how the included tools allow the user to make a LEGO version of the famous Harbor Bridge in Sydney. The blog states:

We made the bricks with WebGL, which enables powerful 3D graphics right in the browser and demonstrates the upper limit of current WebGL graphics performance. We then mixed in Google Maps (another Aussie invention) so you can put your creation in a LEGO world alongside everyone else’s.

At the moment, you can only place your LEGO virtual creations in a Google Map version of Australia, but support for other countries will be added later, starting with New Zealand. You can also see what other Build users have created on the site as well. While the Build site recommends using Google's Chrome browser (compete with a download link), other browsers can also access the site.

Source: Build website

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