Google announces Chrome Enterprise, with Microsoft Active Directory support

With Chromebooks advancing relentlessly into the education sector, Google has turned its sights onto the enterprise with the most recent announcement of Chrome Enterprise. The new offering aims to simplify workflows and hardware management with an operating system that is both secure and user-friendly.

In the blog post from Google, the company outlined several new additions to the browser-based operating system that makes it ready for enterprise use cases when paired with Chrome Enterprise; most notably, the inclusion of Microsoft Active Directory support. This allows it to seamlessly integrate into the existing infrastructure of companies through unified credential management. Microsoft recently announced its support for single sign-on through Active Directory in the Chrome browser with a new extension, that allows corporate employees the ability to sign-in once through Windows 10 and have it carry over to the browser, where they are instantaneously connected to several Microsoft-based services and applications.

Furthermore, the company announced that VMWare Workspace ONE will be the first IT management software that will integrate support for Chrome Enterprise. This will allow administrators to simplify the process of credential and policy management in both bring-your-own-device and corporate-owned-device scenarios. It will also enable the ability to manage all corporate applications on these devices from a single portal, be it Android, Virtual Windows, Web or Cloud-based. Last year Google announced that it will bring the Play Store to Chrome OS, and according to the company, this will carry forward to the Enterprise version as well once it becomes available.

Google announced that Chrome Enterprise will cost $50 per device per year, and includes 24/7 Enterprise Support among several other features.

Source and image: Google Blog

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