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Google introduces new features to make travelling easier

Google has introduced a new set of features for google.com/travel that build on top of already-existing features to help users plan out their next trip.

Previously, Google notified users about whether the prices for a certain flight route were low, typical, or high. Starting today, users will now be able to see the same details for their already-booked flights and itinerary. Google claims that it will also display a history of price points over the previous months for certain flights that it tracks.

On top of this, the website will also be forecasting the price for each flight route that it tracks given the trend it has shown in recent months. Interestingly enough, the company is also claiming to refund the difference of the travelers' ticket money if prices drop lower than what Google predicted.

Starting this week, google.com/travel will also start recommending hotels, rooms, places to visit, and things-to-do at the travel destination. Previously, Google added a calendar entry to booked flights in the calendar app to notify the traveler about their flight. However, users will now see that their complete itinerary will be added on the aforementioned website in a timeline for convenience together with useful tabs at the top to help in planning the trip. In the official announcement, Google wrote:

Once you’ve searched for hotels for your destination and dates, click on “Where to stay” at the top of your hotel results. For each neighborhood you’ll see a description, the average price and more.

Recently, Google launched its AR-powered Live View features for all users. Although that feature targets pedestrians navigating through cities and towns, Google's new updates to its travel website, which are targeted more towards general travelers, can be used in conjunction with it to enhance the entire traveling experience.

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