Google+ iOS app released for iPad and iPod Touch

While Google released an app for its Google+ social networking service for Apple's iPhone a little while ago, users of Apple's iPad and iPod touch devices were left in the lurch when it came to getting their own versions of the app. That changed today as Apple now is letting the Google+ iOS app be downloaded for the iPod touch and iPad. reports that people who expect a more tricked out version of the Google+ app for the iPad are going to be disappointed.

The story reports that the iPad version of the Google+ app just doubles the screen resolution of the original iPhone version of the app, rather than making the app work natively with all of the extra features that the iPad can be used for. This sounds similar to Facebook users who have been waiting patiently for an iPad native app for its own social networking service. In addition to adding the iPad and iPod touch, the new version of the Google+ iOS app also adds huddle settings along with aggregated circle add notifications.

Of course Google has already launched a Google+ app for its own Android smartphone operating system. There are rumors that a Google+ app for Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 operating system is also in the works. Google still has yet to launch Google+ openly; it is still an invite only service. Launched late in June Google+, even with its invite only stance, has still managed to bring in over 25 million users, according to one third party source.

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