Google launches .dev, a new top-level domain for developers

There's only so many good domains that can be created under the same top-level domain (TLD), so it's a common practice for companies to launch new TLDs for specific purposes, such as those aimed at gaming or other kinds of entertainment. Today, Google is launching .dev, a new TLD aimed at "developers, designers, writers and architects".

.dev websites are meant to be all about development and everything around it. To go along with the launch of the new TLD, Google has announced a number of websites that showcase what .dev domains will be used for. offers a "personal website generator" for those looking to kickstart their own projects, while is focused on inclusive practices when developing products. There are many others that are live right now, and more will likely start to pop up soon.

One good thing about .dev is that it all websites using it will be required to use HTTPS for connections, so you'll be kept safe while browsing.

The new domain will officially launch through registrars on February 28 for an annual fee, but you can get in on the action early if you're willing to pay a little extra. Starting today, you can snag your own domain as part of the Early Access Program. You'll spend a little more for being early, but the fee will get smaller as we get closer to the official launch.

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