Halo creator founds new game studio

Alex Seropian surfaces with Wideload Games, a new developer built on a "Hollywood model." The first project will be built on the Halo engine.

Today, Alex Seropian, founder of legendary developer Bungie Studios, announced his new game studio, Wideload Games. The lead force behind Halo, Myth, and Marathon, Seropian began laying the foundations for the independent developer last year but only went public with its creation now.

Wideload is built on a business model Seropian calls a "variant of the model that's been successful in film for some time." The model sees Seropian and his staff create a game "prototype," which is sold into the publishing and distribution channel. Thereafter, Wideload taps independent game talent to complete the product. According to Seropian, the "focus on prototyping and preproduction eliminates many production risks, as the team is able to see all of the technical and creative issues prior to going into full production."

News source: GameSpot

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