How To: Take screenshots of your WP7 device

We all know that Microsoft can stream their physical Windows Phone 7 devices onto a computer, but they are yet to share their black magic with the world. Now, a user of the popular XDA-developers forum has come up with a way to show the devices screen on a computer, either over USB or wirelessly.

The impressive tool, which was a brainchild of forum member ffiinx, allows the user to show the device live on their computer, and is relatively easy to set up. All you need to do is download the ZIP of the bits here, and install the XAP (developer unlock required) on your device, type in the hostname of your computer and then run the corresponding software on your PC, and viola, Windows Phone 7. To take a screenshot from here, just use your favorite screen shot tool (try out FluffyApp, if you don't have a favourite yet).

The software even has the ability to go full screen, if you press the F11 key. There is a drawback, however, with the software being a very early version has quite a low frame rate, so transitions can look a little choppy. That said, this is the first tool that allows you to do this rather than taking a photo of your actual phone, so big progress has been made.

Check out the tool in action below.

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