Nokia N9 NFC file transfer shown off on video

Just a few days ago we saw the unveiling of Nokia's first Meego equipped handset, the N9. The feature-packed phone comes with a lot of new things, but most interestingly is the NFC capability Nokia has bought to the table with it. While Google equipped the Nexus S with NFC last year, their main motivation was for payments, and we have yet to see any sort of NFC file transfer there.

PocketNow reports that its as easy as just picking a file that the user wishes to share (photos, music, videos and documents are amongst the many things that can be chosen) and selecting "NFC" as the transfer option. Then, just holding the receiving phone next to the sending will result in an "incoming file" prompt. If the user accepts, the file is swiftly transferred. It really looks to be as quick and easy as it sounds. 

However, it's obvious there are a few caveats, as PocketNow points out that it's probably pretty unlikely that you'll find a pal with a compatible phone (Only the N9 right now) and that when you do find a N9 friend, will you really want to send them something?

Our guess is that Nokia is betting on the N9 getting wildly popular, but we aren't so sure. Only time will tell, but for now, we'll put this in the "cool to have" category.

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