IE continues to lose market share to other web browsers

Even though Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 makes some gains in the web browser market, the overall trend is down for the company's web browser software. PC World reports that according to data from Net Applications, Internet Explorer's share of the web browser business went down .87 percent in the month of July. Overall the combined users of all the versions of Internet Explorer take up 52.81 perent of the web browser market.

The latest version of Microsoft's web browser, IE9, now takes up 6.8 percent of the total web browser market, a gain of 1.1 percent. IE9's web browser share is now higher than IE7. However it is still behind IE6 with 9.2 percent and IE8 which is the number one single browser version used with 29.3 percent. Second place goes to Google's Chrome web browser. It has now claimed 11.16 percent of the market. Mozilla's Firefox 5.0 is third with 10.4 percent. Apple's Safari 5.0 browser now has 5.2 percent of the market while the latest version of the Opera web browser just has 1.3 percent of the market.

Microsoft tries to spin the web browser numbers in a new official blog post. In particular the blog post concentrates on how IE9 is being adopted more and more by large businesses. It states, " Siemens deployed IE9 to 2,100 desktops as part of a pilot program and shared their excited about the new IE9 UI and how it integrates seamlessly with Windows 7." It also claims that IE9 is now being used by 25 percent of users that have Windows 7 installed on its PCs here in the US and 18 percent worldwide.

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