In-display fingerprint sensors to be a growing trend in 2018, says report

Image credit: Forbes

At the same time that Apple is doubling down on its Face ID facial recognition technology as its biometric authentication system of choice, Android manufacturers are looking elsewhere at promising developments in under-display fingerprint sensing technology as their next big leap in biometric authentication.

After Vivo took the wraps off its version of the technology at CES earlier this month, a new report by ETNews claims under-display fingerprint sensors will see greater proliferation among a range of Android OEMs in the coming year.

TrendFroce, a market analysis firm specialising in electronics, specifically listed the following companies as promising prospects in driving adoption for the technology:

"We predict that under-display fingerprint readers will prepare breakthroughs in 2018 as Samsung, LG, OPPO, VIVO, and Huawei are planning to apply them to their phones."

Production yields and the ability to mass produce the required sensors are still seen as limiting factors - indeed, while Vivo is the first company to showcase the technology, even it hasn't announced a commercial product featuring the newfangled sensors yet - but these limitations are expected to ease over the course of the year.

Source: ETNews

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