The 2019 generation of iPhones may have a smaller notch

Veritably the most polarising issue surrounding the release of the iPhone X, the notch on the front panel of the device, might be getting a little less apparent with future generations of iPhones, as per a new report from ETNews.

The report suggests the Cupertino giant is looking to amalgamate the front camera and Face ID modules into one, which could allow the company to reduce the width of the notch interrupting the otherwise seamless screen on the iPhone X.

Referring to unnamed industry sources, ETNews claims the following about Apple's plans going into the future:

"According to industries, it is heard that Apple is planning to strengthen face sensing function starting from 2019 models. That is why it is planning to increase number of parts that will be used for iPhones and is looking into combination of a face recognition module with a camera module."

The report doesn't go into details about how Apple will combine the different components of the two into a single module. Aestheticians particularly gung-ho about the continuity of the display on their $1,000 investment will also need to wait at least one more year to see the change come into effect, with the earliest estimates for such a combined module being set at 2019. Until then, your best might be this nifty app that fixes the problem, kind of.

Source: ETNews via MacRumors

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